6D5N Northern Shaanxi Photography Tour

From 01 Jun 2021 to 30 Nov 2021

From $555.00 /Adult


  • Country
  • China
  • State
  • Shaanxi
  • City
  • Yanan


  • Duration
  • 6 Day 5 Night
  • Gender
  • All Gender
  • Adult Age
  • 13 to 65
  • Child Age
  • 2 to 12
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Northern Shaanxi North Photography Tour - Internet-famous sites: Hukou Falls, Yan'an, Wave (Bolang) Valley, Yucha Grand Canyon. View the roaring Hukou Waterfall, find for the old area of the Yan'an Revolution, enjoy the antelope valley and wave valley, tour the wonders of the Yucha Grand Canyon, subvert the reverie of the loess plateau.



  1. Adult traveller please bring the original ID card, children bring the original hukou book.
  2. Please arrive at the airport 90 minutes in advance if you travel by air.
  3. Minors must be accompanied by an adult travel, the disabled, the elderly, people with reduced mobility suggested to have family and friends to take care of their peers, the infirm and sick and pregnant women are not recommended to join the group, otherwise the resulting inconvenience or problems, we shall not be responsible.
  4. At the end of the tour, if there is a complaint, the opinion form or individual certificate signed at the place of travel during the guest's itinerary shall prevail. All complaints received after guest returning to the place of departure are considered invalid.
  5. The above tour sequence can be adjusted with the consent of the guest and the assurance that the attractions will not be reduced.
  6. In case of national policy adjustment or human irresistible factors caused by the cost of self-care, such as force maje force (weather, natural disasters, etc.) or traffic congestion during the trip, this route guide will be based on the actual situation to make adjustment, please bear with it if resulting tour time reduced or extended.

Special Reminder:

  1. The ground at the mouth of the waterfall is slippery, we must pay attention to the safety of the foot when playing and taking pictures, not too close to the water's edge.
  2. Wave Valley still maintains its original appearance, and Danxia landscape is fragile, please take care to protect when filming and playing.
  3. In order to have more time to shoot the morning and evening light and shadow of Qiankun Bay, Wave Valley and other scenic spots, we must choose to stay near each scenic spot, local accommodation conditions are limited, please treat with common heart.
  4. In case of rain, snow or temporary control of scenic spots, in order to ensure the safety of tourists, the Grand Canyon was changed to Yuanjia village tour.
  5. The Grand Canyon is still under development, the road condition is not perfect enough, pay attention to protect personal safety.


Package Includes: -

  • 2 nights accommodation at Echarm Hotel Xian Ming City Wall South Gate or similar.
  • 1 night accommodation at Qian Kun Wan Hotel or similar.
  • 1 night accommodation at Wave Valley International Hotel or similar.
  • 1 night accommodation at Yan'an Shengxin Hotel or similar.
  • Transportation arrangements for the 2nd-5th day.
  • Tickets for the attractions listed on the itinerary and transport for the listed scenic spots.
  • 5 breakfast and 6 meals.


Package Excludes: -  

  • Meals outside the itinerary.
  • Usage of transportation on Free and Easy time.
  • Transportation to and from the city.
  • Pick-up and drop-off from the airport.
  • Personal expenses.


Day 1 Arrival    (-/-/-)

  • Today is the whole day for the gathering day, all the tour members can arrive at the designated hotel in Xi 'an on the day to gather. Welcome to the beautiful ancient city of Xi 'an! Early group friends can go to see the "Bell Drum Tower", feel the "morning bell and evening drum" or go to the "Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square" to see the music fountain, to the "Datang City Never Sleepless" encounter tumbler little sister. Xi'an also brings together a variety of special food: liang PI, rou jia mo, meatball Hu spicy soup, beef and mutton bread in the soup, oil biangbiang noodles and so on! After dinner, you can stroll along the moat and sip at the ramparts of the tavern.I believe you will fall in love with Great Xi'an!
  • Overnight in Xi'an


D2 Xi'an-Yichuan-Yanchuan    (B/L/D)

  • After breakfast, take a bus to Yichuan, Hukou Waterfall (320KM/4H), known as the "wonder of the Yellow River", located in the middle of the Jinshan-Shaanxi Grand Canyon, with mountains on both sides. The flowing Yellow River is held by Cangshan Mountain on both sides and bound in the narrow stone valley. It is the second largest waterfall in China and the largest yellow waterfall in the world. The Yellow River so far, on both sides of the wall Qiaozhi, narrow estuary bundle such as Hukou, so named Hukou Waterfall. The water surface of the Yellow River upstream of the waterfall is 300 meters wide, which is compressed to a width of 20-30 meters in a distance of less than 500 meters.1000 cubic meters per second of river water, from more than 20 meters high steep cliffs poured down, forming a "thousands of miles of Yellow River a pot of collection" spirit. After lunch, drive to Yanchuan Qiankun Bay (150KM/ 2.5h), which is honored as "the first bay of the Yellow River in the world". It is rated as one of the "ten beautiful canyons in China" by China Geography magazine. When the Yellow River flows through Yonghe in Shanxi and Yanchuan in Shaanxi, it scours the Qin and Jin valleys into a snake-like landscape, known as the Snake Curve of the Yellow River. Qiankun Bay is one of the S-shaped big bends, shaped like a natural Taiji map, showing vast and magnificent against the loess slopes criss-crossed by ravines.
  • Overnight in Qiankun Bay Scenic Area.


D3 Yanchuan-Jingbian    (B/L/D)

  • After breakfast, continue to visit Qiankun Bay scenic area, and then drive to Longzhou Danxia (230KM/5H), which is the largest Danxia landform landscape in Shaanxi Province. Local people call it "Wave Valley", "Red Rock Mounds", or Jingbian Red Sand Canyon.[Waves Valley] is a red sandstone landform called "The Wave" because of The wavy lines in The sandstone.The red sandstone here presents a variety of strange posture and color under the erosion of wind and rain. Different angles and different times will present different scenery. When the weather is clear after rain, the color of red sandstone will be brighter, and it will also form a special light and shadow in the sun. The scenery is spectacular and unique, so it has attracted the attention of many photography stars. We are all singing special folk songs of northern Shaanxi around the bonfire together. Let's enjoy this wonderful night.
  • Overnight in Jingbian.


Day 4 Jingbian-Yan'an    (B/L/-)

  • After breakfast, you can continue to visit Wave Valley and take a bus to Yan 'an (180KM/ 2.5h).In the afternoon, visit Pagoda Hill called Jialing Mountain, located in the east of Yan 'an City Yan River, on the hill you can have a bird's eye view of the entire city of Yan 'an.Pagoda Hill is 1135.5 meters high. The pagoda on the hill was built in the Tang Dynasty and is now built in the Ming Dynasty. It is octagonal in plane, nine stories high and about 44 meters high."I have been back to Yan 'an in my dream many times, holding the Pagoda Mountain with my hands". The name of the famous litterateur He Jingzhi enthusiastically eulogized the sacred status of the Pagoda Mountain in the minds of the Chinese people.Today you can also use your camera to record the towering pagoda mountains and rolling rivers in Yan 'an, the holy site of the Red Revolution.
  • Overnight in Yan'an.


D5 Yan'an--Ganquan--Xi'an    (B/L/-)

  • After breakfast, take a bus to Ganquan Grand Canyon (50KM/ 1.5h), which is called "the wonder of natural cracks on the Loess Plateau". It is a geological wonder that was discovered 16 years ago and is even better than the Antelope Grand Canyon in the United States. Deep into the canyon like a time tunnel, the beautiful lines of the canyon, fine texture, with the change of the sun, the canyon wall appears orange, red and other colors![Yucha Grand Canyon] by birch ditch, flower leopard ditch, dragon ba ditch, peony ditch, a line of days and other scenic spots, among which birch ditch scenery is more colorful. The canyon, with its smooth zigzag lines and unpredictable light and shadow, is full of amazing shadows. The magical geological landform is known as the "Antelope Canyon" in China, which attracts numerous photography enthusiasts to go there.
  • Overnight in Xi'an.

Alternatives: in case of rain, in order to ensure the security of tourists personal, rain bifurcation grand canyon tour YuanJia Village instead, here is the shaanxi guanzhong plain, a small village, only 62, less than 300 people, but relies on the guanzhong folk, collective management, such as food became the year millions of visitors to the super, earning $rural tourism demonstration village.Wandering in the village, the road on both sides of the traditional brick, carved beams and painted buildings row upon row, through the doors and Windows to look into the house, the characteristics of the handmade workshops, there are now ground sesame oil, handmade tofu, yogurt processing, handmade vinegar......


Day 6 Departure    (B/-/-)

  • After breakfast, end the unforgettable trip.